What should the Mother of the Bride or Groom wear to the wedding? 

The everything-you-need-to-know style guide for upcoming Mother of the Bride and Groom’s.


Everyday we have ladies coming to our mother of the bride boutique who are daunted by the prospect of what to wear as Mother of the Bride or Groom. In days gone by, mothers were expected to wear matronly dresses in stiff taffeta. This memory lives on and something that is “not your typical mother of the bride dress" is the most popular request we see in our occasion wear stores.


Thankfully times have changed and you are now free to sartorially express yourself. However, with so much choice to hand determining what to wear can be incredibly overwhelming.


Lucky for you, we have compiled our top tips for making the process as seamless as possible!


Mother of the Bride Outfit Dublin





 1. Give Yourself Time

The best piece of advice we can offer you is to give yourself lots of time before the big day to find your mother of the bride/groom outfit. Don’t be afraid to buy early if you feel like you have found ‘the one’. As the saying goes “(S)he who hesitates is lost.” We often hear stories of regret from ladies who didn’t buy when they should have because they wanted to see what else was out there.

Our buying team travel across Europe six months in advance from when the collections land in store. We work hard to find the best collections from all of the leading international occasion wear designers. We love offering exclusive designers but “made to order” designs mean that styles and sizes are limited to what we receive at the start of the season. Only a small number of our designers allow reorders.

Spring/Summer collections arrive in store from the end of December into January. If you have a wedding in August and start shopping in May, lots of the styles from the start of the season will be sold out by then.




Our rule of thumb for Spring/Summer weddings is to begin your search by the start of February. For Autumn/Winter, collections begin arrive from May so, June is a good time to start looking.

It is also important to allow enough time for special orders and alterations.




 2. Take Cues from the Couple

The first question we will ask you when you arrive into our mother of the bride/groom boutique in Malahide or Dunshaughlin is; when and where the is wedding taking place. The couple will set the tone for the event, whether that means an intimate wedding in City Hall followed by a low key dinner or a formal black-tie wedding in a castle. You’re an important member of the wedding party and you’ll want to look the part.


What should I wear as Mother of the Bride/Groom 

We cater to all wedding styles, offering everything from a simple dress for a city wedding from Luis Civit to a full skirt ballet length dress from Ronald Joyce suitable for a traditional black-tie wedding.

 If in doubt, we suggest you ask the couple for some guidelines.


3. Hitting the Right Tone

As we mentioned, almost everything goes nowadays as long as it’s fitting for the event. The weather, culture and religious customs associated with the event are important to consider when deciding on your outfit. 

We are seeing lots of new wedding styles, from winter ski weddings to 5 day Indian weddings. Our buying team has taken these trends into consideration and we do our best to cover all bases. Destination weddings in the summer months are the most popular alternative to a wedding in Ireland so our collection reflects this.


Destination Wedding Mother of the Bride/Groom


For a 'Destination Wedding' we suggest opting for a lighter weight fabric. Our favourite brands for weddings in the sun are Linea Raffaeli, Carmel Melero & John Charles.





4. Colour and Shape is Key 

The secret to finding the perfect outfit is picking a shape that flatters your figure and a colour that suits your skin tone the best. 

How do I know what colours suit me best? 

First, determine your undertone. 

A simple way to check this is to look at the Veins in Your Wrist. 

If your skin is light enough that you can see your veins, look at whether they appear blue or green under your skin. The former indicates that you have a cool skin tone while the latter says you have a warm one.

What Colors Suit My Undertone

Cool Undertones. You look good in jewel tones, cool grays, crisp whites, and sea shades.

Warm Undertones. You look good in earth tones, orange, yellow, taupe, and off-white.

Neutral Undertones. You look good in a variety of hues but should be careful of bright colors.

If you're confused we will be able to guide you in-store on what colours suit you best.

How do I know what shape suits me best?

There are great online resources with pointers on dressing for your body type like here

We offer a personal service and our experienced style advisors are highly trained in finding the right style for you. We ensure that will leave our stores beaming with confidence! 

5. Don't Fret - There Is Something For Everyone!

We understand that there can be an element of stress associated with wedding planning, but the most important thing is to enjoy the run up to the big day. 

A huge source of worry before starting the search for a mother of the bride/groom outfit is if someone feels they won't find what they are looking for; whether it be a petite size or plus size outfit or even a trouser suit. 

Our collection is size inclusive from UK 6 - 26 and we cater to every shape and style. 



Mother of the Bride/Groom Petite Collection 

Mother of the Bride/Groom Plus Size Collection

Mother of the Bride/Groom Trouser Suits 





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